Specialists in Funding Special Business Situations

Monetrex Inc.
provides cash flow solutions to fast growing companies, as well as those with financial difficulties, through receivable financing and asset based lending programs. 

The business is owned by Gary Wyner, who has over 30 years of both professional and practical experience with business, legal and financial matters.  Mr. Wyner is a non-practicing commercial and tax attorney, as well as a certified public accountant. He has owned and managed various businesses, as well as coordinated millions of dollars in commercial lending transactions.

Monetrex can offer its clients something that no other lender can -- the professional credentials and the "street smarts" to know and understand what it means to conduct business, and how to deal with problems quickly.

Monetrex is a direct, alternative financing source for businesses selling services or products to other commercial entities. The company was formed in 1988 to provide creative, flexible funding to small and medium size businesses.

Although active in many industries, Monetrex has two areas of specialization:

Service type companies -- temporary and contract employment agencies, janitorial services, engineering and design services, and security guard services.

Difficult situations -- companies with serious financial problems (including bankruptcy), or very new businesses.

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