Some businesses do not need Monetrex financing, but recognize the benefits
of using an outside source for back office administration. Although you might not need our funds, Monetrex still can provide some real value administrative services that might address the following:

Internal requirements:
     free up internal staff to perform more important tasks
Bank requirements:
     outside receivable monitoring and tracking
Investor requirements:
     outside payables monitoring and coordination
Secured Creditor requirements:
     outside analysis and negotiations for reduction of
     unsecured claims
Since 1988, we have enjoyed an excellent reputation for integrity and proficiency. Our principal owner has a background as a commercial and tax attorney, a certified public accountant, and an experienced business owner. Our programs are designed with one purpose in mind - to provide cost reduction services to our clients.

 Receivables Tracking

 Payables Coordination

 Debt Reduction Negotiations

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