Asset Based Funding

This financing is secured by a client's entire asset base - receivables, inventory, machinery and equipment. Sometimes, real estate is included.

The amount of available funds is determined by the value of each group of assets. Monetrex undertakes this analysis in conjunction with outside appraisers.

The cost for this financing is determined by the value and type of collateral offered as security, the client's industry, and the cost of funds to Monetrex.

Other Benefits from Asset Based Financing
  • Short Time to Close - Monetrex usually can close a transaction within 2 to 4 weeks from receipt of its Preliminary Application (see "Apply Here" on this web site's navigation bar) and after completion of the collateral appraisals.

  • High Advance Formula - Monetrex funds 80% to 95% of each receivable invoice. The advance rate is set at the time the first funds are advanced. The advance rate for other assets is competitive.

  • Limited Personal Guarantee - Monetrex does not require a full personal guaranty (except for fraud and misrepresentations) for that portion of the funds allocated to the receivables. Instead, Monetrex looks to the credit strength of the client's customers for assuring collection of the invoices

  • Flexibility - Monetrex is not locked into procedures by a Board of Directors or banking regulations. You deal with an experienced staff that is trained to make fast decisions if our clients need an understanding approach.

  • No Financial Pre-Conditions - The condition of your business and level of ownership capital are secondary concerns. There are no financial covenants to satisfy on a regular basis.

  • No Lock In Period - Monetrex does not require a minimum period for a client to continue its financing. The client can cancel at any time.

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